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7 Signs it’s Time to Start Your Healing Journey

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I’ve spoken to two moms in the past week and they both said the EXACT. SAME. THING. Does this sound familiar?...

“I’ve spent so long focusing on the needs of others that I totally neglected my own. Now I’m stressed, frustrated, exhausted, and know deep down that it’s time to take care of myself… for my own sake as well as the sake of my family."

We can find ourselves running from one thing to the next, continually taking care of others. The pace of life is fast. There’s no time to focus on yourself, right? But there are times when it becomes clear that in order to live life well, it’s necessary to slow down, dig in and focus on your own healing (either physically or emotionally).

The truth is that healing is an investment (time-wise, and financially). It’s a sacrifice. It’s a step into the unknown and often comfortable. Yes, it’s worth it. And, yes, coming out on the other side of the healing process is absolute joy and freedom.

"The truth is that healing is an investment."

But for some, there’s hesitancy to start… Will it even work? Will it be worth it? It feels scary to slow down to focus on what might be going on “under the surface.

How can you know it’s time to take your next step in your own healing journey?

Here are 7 signs to watch for:

  1. Focusing on a positive mindset isn’t working anymore, and that’s leading to shame.

  2. You find yourself not being able to “push through” the overwhelm and exhaustion.

  3. You’re responding to loved ones in a way you don’t want -- bubbling over frustration or feeling disconnected and disengaged.

  4. Thoughts and memories are surfacing from the past, along with anxiety or feelings of overwhelm.

  5. Emotional flooding (big, emotional reactions), and feeling overly triggered.

  6. Physical symptoms like chronic tension, digestive health issues, or feeling continually “wound up tight” or on edge.

  7. You know deep in your gut that it’s your time.

Want to dig deeper? Take my TOXIC STRESS QUIZ.

Even if you’ve spent years working on your own healing, I encourage you to keep going! For example, you may have done years of talk therapy or mindset work, but still feel like something is missing. The “top down” work of mindset/talk therapy may need to be supplemented by a “bottom-up” body-based strategy like Tension and trauma Releasing Exercises (T.R.E.).

Is it your time to focus on taking care of yourself? If so, schedule that doctor’s appointment, commit to working with that health coach or take that daily walk outside and improve your nutrition.

Or if you’ve resonated with the list above and are ready to discuss the next step in your own emotional healing journey, SCHEDULE A DISCOVERY CALL WITH ME. We’ll talk about your goals along with steps you can take to finally see the fruit of caring for yourself first, so you can ultimately care for others.

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