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Overcoming Emotional Barriers
to Physical Health.

Do you have physical or health symptoms that just won't go away? 


Have you been told by doctors that there may be an emotional connection?


Have you been struggling with diet or lifestyle changes and seem to be on a never-ending start and stop cycle and now feel like you're "missing it"? 


There are ways you can take control of your emotional health and physical health.


  Sign up for this one-of-a-kind (FREE) online class in order to:

  • Recognize how the physical symptoms you are experiencing are linked to the health of your nervous system.

  • Understand the impact of emotions and hurts from the past on your physical body.

  • Discover the impact on our internal emotional system when starting (or returning to) a new health or lifestyle change.

  • Steps you can take now and in the future to heal your nervous system AND strengthen your emotional capacity as it relates to your physical health.

Wednesday, September 21st

6:30p cst

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and will not be making medical recommendations.  This class will be for informational purposes and to explore the link between the nervous system, emotions, and lingering physical symptoms. 


Thanks for submitting! Check your email for this class. I look forward to connecting soon!

This is for you if:

Calm Woman

You are not finding relief with traditional methods of emotional or physical healing -- you feel like something is missing.

 Young Woman Contemplating

No matter what you do, you still find yourself experiencing chronic physical symptoms.

You remember a version of yourself that was full of life and purpose... and you're ready to get back to that!

​I get it, because I was there.  I suffered from continual tension headaches and migraines to the .point where I was setting up appointments to see a neurologist.  My digestive system was a mess. I was living in a continual push-hard, and then crash-and-burn cycle.  I somehow thought all this was normal!

But once I learned that The Body Keeps the Score, and the body remembers what the mind forgets, everything changed.  My own healing journey is why I now help others in releasing their own emotional and physical pain so they can life a life of freedom, purpose and joy


Sign up for this (FREE) one-of-a-kind class in order to:

  • gain clarity from someone who has over a decade of nervous system experience

  • grow in empowerment with a trained IFS Provider (a form of psychotherapy that successfully identifies and heals the link between emotional and physical pain),

  • go forward with certainty, knowing there is a RELEASED life ahead of you

Sign up at the top of this page.

I look forward to connecting with you! - Liza

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