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Professional Development

With 15+ years of team leadership and training, I offer a unique set of experiences and background combining team development with emotional and nervous system health. 

Featured Training Topics include, but are not limited to...

The Biology of Burnout: Understanding Burnout and the Brain/Nervous System

Burnout is wreaking havoc on the professional and non-profit worlds, costing more than $500 billion due to workplace stress.  Burnout goes beyond just taking too much on and being too busy.  And the answers go beyond self-care and taking time to rest.  There is much more going on beneath the surface when it comes to burnout, within our biology... the brain and nervous system.  During this training, participants will learn to identify the signs of burnout and be able to take steps in order to prevent or heal from burnout by identifying their stress-response, and learning tools that reduce physical/emotional stress by healing and strengthening the nervous system. 

The A.R.T. of High-Stakes Conversations

For most of us, finding and using our voice to have a high-stakes conversation feels wildly uncomfortable.  This is due to the stress response that automatically kicks in and "hijacks" our ability to communicate effectively.  However, possessing the tools and skills to navigate these conversations is critical to long-term professional success.  By the end of this training, participants will understand the biological stress response for themselves and others, learn and practice steps to take to reduce the impact of going into fight/flight/freeze during high-stakes conversations, and have a roadmap to navigating these impactful interactions with others. 

Boundaries: The Pathway to Employee Wellness & High Performance

Employee stress is one of the greatest financial and human capital costs that companies face, and it's also one of the most preventable. When employees possess the mindset, confidence, and communication skills to advocate for their well-being, they not only feel better, but statistically they also perform better.  They are also more flexible and resilient in the face of change and crisis.  Work becomes more productive and enjoyable when you "sharpen the saw" or "recharge the battery".  Participants will be able to identify the key warning signs and organizational impact of burnout.  They will create and be able to articulate personal boundaries that lead to reduced stress and increase mental and physical capacity and schedule personal time without feeling guilty or needy. 

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