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Coffee Beans

The Ultimate Detox

A Guided Coffee Enema Experience

Well, hey! You've made it to this part of your healing journey. Welcome!

I'm betting you've done everything necessary, but your body feels like it's not cooperating for some reason. It's like something is literally and physically stuck (maybe because it is).

But you're at the point where you'll try anything, right? So here we are... trying coffee enemas may sound unconventional, but how about we make weird cool for the sake of healing.

Why Coffee Enemas?

Detox Delight: Coffee enemas help flush out toxins, giving your colon, intestines, gall bladder and liver a much-needed boost. By opening up these critical drainage pathways, coffee enemas can be key in supporting detox protocols.

Energy Surge: Feel more energized and refreshed as you cleanse your body from within. Let's get your body to a place where it doesn't need to work so hard anymore!

Nervous System Support: Getting all that gunk out allows your nervous system to return to rest and digest, which is where your body needs to be in order to effectively heal.

Get that Glow: Improve your digestion and see the difference in your skin and overall well-being.

Bonus Emotional Release: All that build-up over time is taxing on your body and emotions. This is a chance to let it ALL safely and gently go.

What's in Store for You?

Pre-Cleanse Support: You'll get everything you need from what supplies to buy, to how to best get set up, along with tips, tricks and what to expect.

(3) Guided Sessions: We'll meet for 20-30 minutes over Zoom or FaceTime to make sure you have everything set up and talk through your progress or questions. After everything is set, we'll sign off and then you'll, ahem... do your thing in the comfort of your own home. Nope, I won't be there for THAT part! There will be text or email support available after so you get everything "out" of this experience that you need (pun intended).

Baby Steps and Support Beyond the Cleansing: We won't jump straight into the deep end. There are ways we can start slowly and work up to getting the best results possible. There will also be guidance on how to best support yourself before, during and after each session, including hydration, nutrition and nervous system regulation.

Been There, Done That Guidance: You'll work with someone who found major breakthrough personally using coffee enemas and has literally done 100+ hours of research on the most effective techniques.

That being said, what would lead someone to offer this type of service? Someone who's personally found tremendous healing value.

Hi, I'm Liza Heidelberger. I'm an emotional health and nervous system coach who's completed years of training along with personal healing work. But I found that with all the healing I've done, my body was battling something that no regulation tool or form of emotional healing could touch.

I visited soooo many doctors (so, so many), and finally found a couple who had answers. One of them being that I needed to do some serious detoxification. Yet, even in that, what worked well for seemingly everyone else was causing issues for me.

That's when I came across coffee enemas. I thought about it for quite some time. Was I really going to give THIS a shot? But I finally took the leap.

After several sessions I began to see the difference, and so did those around me:

* my brain came back online and my energy level shot up
* my thoughts became clearer and my mind sharper
* my neurological symptoms decreased
* I became less reliant on medications for pain
* I could start eating foods again that bothered me before
* my skin even started glowing and got clearer
* my stomach flattened and I lost stubborn weight
* my nervous system calmed and my body healed so much quicker
* I was able to increase the pace of the detox program I was on, where previously I was moving at a snail's pace
* my healing process advanced by many MONTHS within a matter of weeks

And when these changes happened, it seemed that all the previous work I had done and continue to do could come back online. Getting all those toxins out of my body using coffee enemas 10X'd the emotional and nervous system healing I do (to learn more about that, click HERE).

How about you?

Are you ready to do some deep cleaning? You could definitely go to a professional to have colonics done for you (which are similar, yet different than coffee enemas, BTW.) Each will cost around $250/session, but you'll be going to someone else indefinitely. OR you could do some research and find some basic steps to get yourself going. If that's the path you choose, go for it!

BUT... if you want someone to walk through the process with you and guide you along the way (including more advanced and deeper healing tips and tricks), sign up to join our Guided Coffee Enema Cleanse Program today and experience the benefits from your very first session.

Enjoying Lunch

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